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Dino Herrmann

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Living Green is not PR for us.

We believe that today any business needs to acquire environmental friendly habits in order to protect the environment we live in.

- In 2005 the water heater was changed to a tankless water heater.

- In 2007 our facility installed electric solar panels.

- We have installed water filters in order not to use bottled water.

- Our company car is a hybrid

- Light wells and skylights have been installed to reduce artificial lighting.

- Computer systems are being shut off when not in use nightly or on off weekend.

- Delivery of data files, such as music mixes or movie quicktimes etc. is done via ftp since 1997!

- Paper waste is kept to a minimum. Recycled paper is being used for work prints whenever possible.

-Machine rooms have their own AC systems to cut down on having to cool down larger areas.

- Where possible low wattage CFL light bulbs are installed to decrease heat and lower electricity usage.

- Work areas have low voltage halogen or xenon with dimmers to adjust actual required brightness.

- And of course we recycle!


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